Lumenocity was never intended to make money. It was a free event paid for by dozens of corporate and private sponsors as a gift to the city but this does not mean it was not designed to produce results. What it has produced for the CSO and for the city of Cincinnati is a return on impression like nothing it's ever seen before. In 2013, with absolutely no idea what they were coming to see, the people of Cincinnati showed up in droves. 40,000 people came to a park where just a few years earlier, few would dare to visit for fear of being mugged. The first year saw well over a million social media impressions and garnered months of publicity and renewed interest in the arts. In 2014, we blew all of the old numbers away again with over 180,000 people experiencing the event as it happened. Social media in 2014 exceeded 6 million impressions and the event is being talked about not just in Ohio but around the world.

The LumenoCity concerts are simply dazzling. The free outdoor performances in Washington Park, directly opposite the historic Victorian Music Hall, beam stunning visual elements across the park and onto the façade of Music Hall, while the orchestra plays an equally colorful program. The visuals overwhelm you with their sheer size, inventiveness, and whimsy.
— Huffington Post